The day is Wednesday, 04/15/15, a day where many people are already planning their weekend activities. I am sitting on my couch, thinking about a plan to finally get rich.
After countless destined to fail and inconvertible ideas on my part, to make the most money on the fastest possible way, I am sitting even more frustrated on my couch and gaze into space.
By the age of thirty, it was always my aim to have that much money to just lean back and to afford my family a good life.
Don't get me wrong, I know that we are talking about a luxury problem, but nevertheless, I can not and do not want to accept this present status, because the first million is not even reachable.
And that is why my new aim is the first billion.
And instead of worrying just by myself, to pull an all-nighter or to think about nothing else during my daily work, I thought about the fact to let people do that job for me.
I keep leaning back, I keep starring and gonna wait that karma is doing the rest. Just like I said, the present status is non-acceptable.
So here is my official call:
Support me in my project. Change the life of someone in a positive way and dump the money you have left over. I thank you in advance for your help and I am looking forward to get a relaxed and carefree life in a minimum of time.
If you have a serious interest in an in-payment, please let me know how you would like to send me the money under the following e-mail-address:
You would do me an amazing favor and conjure a smile on my face.
Because everything you need is a great idea and that is definitely what I got.
If desired, you will get, of course, a share of the pie and will be mentioned by name on my website.
In general, I am going to keep you informed regarding payments-in.
Help me to become a billionaire before I turn thirty.